Indication of Success

At the end of the grant reporting period, CCFA will be able to identify and prove its successes in many different ways. The community will be a stronger and safer place for children to express themselves and learn about the importance of academics and education. Confidence, community, and pride will be established and spread throughout Monterey County and create unity among different cities and families. The two indicators of success are below:

  • Improvement of grades and academics, increasing the number of students who hold above a 3.0 GPA
  • The growth in the total number of participants at our community clinics and the number of academy teams we offer to the community

By having the youth in the community in the CCFA Academic Program requires them to perform better in school and understand the importance and power of education. And with the more participants we have in our program, we are able to share our knowledge and resources with more families, and increase their opportunities.