Expected Program Outcomes

With our program, we foresee an increase in community dynamic and comfort. The program is designed to give low income children and families the opportunity to become part of a formal team, which has become family. Twice a week for 12 week spans, community children will be able to learn life skills through the game of soccer, but also form relationships and build trust and confidence in both their identities and that of Salinas and Monterey County. Because of the migrant schedule, many youth do not have the opportunity to participate in organized sports, but because this program offers multiple short sessions at times during the agriculture season when families do not travel to Yuma, in a span of 12 weeks a new perspective, a new love, and a new family is formed with soccer at the foundation. CCFA will also challenge the sociological norms of Salinas and the Latino dropout rate, by pushing our academy members to reach their full potential, and have the opportunity for higher education.